What is a .to domain?

.TO is the country-code level domain for the Kingdom of Tonga. In 1997 the Kingdom opened their internet country code to foreign registrations worldwide, becoming the first country code to do so (many more have since followed suit). The .to registry has been administered by Tonic every since.

With new top level domains on their way, Tonic is once again ahead of the curve by creating “web.to”, a complete internet, domain name presence geared towards the world class city of Toronto. Who needs to wait for something long and cumbersome like “.toronto?” – That takes forever to type!

Everybody knows “T.O.” means “Toronto” and you can brand your business under a .to domain today!

There are many generic, category-killer and brilliant “call-to-action” .to domains available right now.

Who is behind web.to?

Tonic has licensed Toronto-based domain and technology company easyDNS. In business since 1998, easyDNS is known throughout the world as the company that puts you in the drivers seat for your own domains.

Toronto companies that use easyDNS to manage their domain name portfolios include:

  • Toronto Star / Torstar Media
  • Toronto Police Services
  • Loyalty One
  • Metroland Media
  • Homestars
  • Government of Ontario
  • Q9 Networks